What can you expect?
We are an agency designed by people who believe that it should be possible to run today’s businesses more effectively, soulfully and meaningfully.
Our team consists of over 35 consultants, creatives and design experts. We work at the highest level and always remain curious and cosmopolitan. We are flexible and can adapt to new challenges. We not only embrace change as an opportunity, but we proactively confront the market and social influences, and last but not least, we believe in strengthening people in their skills and roles.

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Business Consulting
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Literally no more time for excuses

We see the responsibility in our work to actively influence the interaction of the economy, the environment, social issues and aesthetics. We all need a more conscious approach to waste and wastefulness – that means reduce, reuse and recycle.
As a brand retail design agency, we are drivers, lateral thinkers, sparring partners and experts for solutions and ideas that do not compromise aesthetics, design and efficiency at the cost of the planet and its people.

We work in a business sector that has recently been subject to sharp criticism regarding issues of sustainability with all its ecological, ethical and social facets. Our industry is under pressure to meet the challenges of digitalisation and the ever-faster response to trends. This often results in shorter production cycles and poor waste management.

To help shape the future of the trade, we actively contribute our part to ecological rethinking. Our motivation is to accompany brands and companies in their environmental reorientation.

In following our corporate responsibility, we continuously develop innovative solutions in the design process, production and implementation that best meet our quality standards.

It’s literally time to act responsibly.

Driven by values

Creativity, flexibility, experience, energy, vision, courage, responsibility, self-reflection, confidence, activism
Buzzword Point of Experience. A short statement.
Through networking and the ever-increasing complexity of the world, the collective is becoming more and more significant. The 'we' culture is a measure of genuine connection, belonging and resonance. For brands, this opens up the opportunity to increase their sphere of influence and build and lead valuable communities through physical experiences. Our mission is to design brand spaces so that the focus is not on the sale of goods but on the soul of the brand. Stationary retail is the place for encounters – with people, with products and brands. A space, an environment that can be experienced and charged for creating belonging, desirability and distinction. Social developments must also become visible in physical space. The Future Point of Experience stands for a conscious experience – browsing, discovering, socialising, learning, inspiring, experiencing, irritating, collaborating or testing.
What does self-efficacy mean to you?
We see self-efficacy as the frankness to encounter oneself and others with courage and curiosity. We nurture this through active engagement in the collective and create spaces for honest exchange. We see self-efficacy as an essential cultural value. By promoting each individual's self-efficacy, we strengthen the community and our culture of trust, which makes us doers that are fit for the future. We represent the principle that everyone can successfully master future challenges with the awareness of their capabilities and their effects within the group.
How do you define personal success?
And that’s also what drives us to lead the agency further into a value-based and self-determining organisation. This means working with people who appreciate and recognise the added value of the collective. Appreciation plays an essential role in this. We are service providers and experts in what we do – the pressure is sometimes enormous, and we can only come together and do well if we sense a mutual base. And if we earn enough money so that we can continue to lead a balanced life together in the agency, then that’s the best kind of success.
What does community mean to you?
For us, community means partnerships and relationships. There is a shared understanding of values and openness in dealing with expectations and performance. Transparency, fairness and enthusiasm are common motivators. Our brand mission statement defines the community as our central value.
What don't you like at all?
Posturing and dishonesty.
Talking Literally – do you really achieve it?
For us, this means talking about the significant issues that are in the room. We don't always manage to do it. However, 2020 has confirmed the need to dive deeper into it – be it in internal interaction or with business partners. A genuine relationship can withstand that. We want to talk about the right issues and be allowed to ask the important questions. We also demand this in return. Looking inwards, it is our responsibility to continuously encourage the team in the sense of advancement and development. Last year, for example, we offered weekly platforms at the beginning of the COVID-phase, where we encouraged people again and again to ask questions and address uncertainties and fears. With success.
A few hard facts on women's quota, fluctuation, average age ...
We have a strong team spirit in the agency and an intense appreciation for each other. Younger employees feel this quickly, and we can also verify this with employees who have been working with us for many years. The quota of women is 58% and within the management team; including the executive board, the quota is 50%. Diversity is very important to us because we believe in enrichment through diversity. So, we are also heterogeneous in our teams when it comes to age, gender or origin.
What about benefits for employees?
If you have the courage and make yourself visible, you can shape many things yourself and become involved in the most diverse areas. Whether it's Alex (DTP Operator) introducing us to the world of gaming with a passionate keynote and showing even the sceptics that the cliché of the nerd in front of the game console is long outdated. Or when Nina (Designer Design Development) demonstrates the latest life-hacks on how we can make our everyday lives more sustainable. Or when Anna (Working Student Market Research) turns the topic of her Master's thesis into the theme of a networking evening – we are a group of doers who love to try out new things, gain perspective together, share our knowledge and passions, and pursue ideas together. We also cater to each individual's needs and allow our employees to work flexible hours, remotely or on sabbatical. As a brand retail agency that has made it it's business to stage spaces, we naturally also place a lot of value on our working environment. Our office is a colourful oasis that is constantly changing and evolving with the people in it.
How transparent are you with company data?
The agency has changed quite a lot in the last few years, and the topic of self-determination and active self-positioning goes hand-in-hand with turning employees into entrepreneurs. We are continually developing new concepts and putting them to the test. We are very transparent in how we think, what concerns us, what spurs us on, where we do well and where we would like to become better. An open, transparent and honest culture only works if we too are open.
What’s your WHY?
We exist because we want to help shape the world of tomorrow in the community for the community.
What else are you interested in? Just ask. We’ll be happy to answer.

Community & Culture

We create spaces in which people can show themselves consciously and freely with their abilities and personality. An environment that allows them to be individual. Openness and a respectful cooperation are sacred to us. We see ourselves as a self-effective organisation. For us, the Community is the key-driver of innovation. Based on trust, openness, appreciation and flexibility.


a celebration of people, creativity, and collaboration
What is Salon39?
Salon39 is an event, a platform, and above all, an experience. Here, you'll find innovative talks that educate and entertain, interactive workshops that challenge conventional knowledge, and masterclasses that enrich your professional journey. In Salon39, we don't just acknowledge diversity – we embrace it. Our canvas is as colorful as our ideas, and our voices are as vibrant as our vision. Here, individuals and ideas come together, sparking innovations that extend far beyond the boundaries of our event. At Salon39, we create an environment that fosters inspiration and innovation in the most positive way. This is a collaborative platform where we welcome people from various walks of life and backgrounds to participate together in our joyful celebration of ideas, diversity, and inspiration. Salon39 is a jubilant testimony to the power of people, creativity, and collaboration. We are loud, not through noise, but through our actions. We are colorful, not in decor, but in our diversity. We are personal, not in nature, but in our connections. We are as diverse and innovative as the thoughts we nurture and as inspiring as the ideas we spread. We are not just an event; we are a call, an inspiration, a motivation. We are Salon39 – A celebration of people, creativity, and collaboration. Welcome to Designplus!
It´s all about the people. Proud that we make you WOW.
Meike Finkelnburg
Strategy + Management
Domagoj Pelc
Peter Gross
Concept + Management
Hannes Melzian
Creative Direction
Alexander Glück
Viviene Zink
Finance & Administration
Pia Regenbrecht
Design Development +
Sustainable Design
Anne-Laure Minvielle
Design Development
Luise Herb
Concept & Design Development
Marita Schwenkedel-Braun
Concept & Design Development
Marleen Pauli
Project Management
Philippe Regentrop
Design Development
Vasilis Belechris
Uli Braun
Design Development
Sarah Geißler
Concept & Communication Design
Sebastian Sickinger
Account +
New Business
Pit Schmidt
Stephan Thomas
Patrick Sieloff
Eilean Bloem
Corporate Communication +
Elisa Helget
Culture & Community
Volker Korn
Design Development
Tsampika Hatziioannou
Logistics + Administration
Baoyi Li
Design Development
Alexander Schultz
Design Development
Jonas Cromm
Damon Scheffold
Design Development
Ulrich Koch
Project Management
Milon Sprenger
Monica Blanes
Design Development
Jennifer Roser
Project Management
Marc Ranger
Design Development
Lilli Benz

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