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Why these events are so important to us

We are passionate about continuously discovering and developing new possibilities and solutions to promote sustainability in our society and for the environment.

Meike Finkelnburg, Vivian Zink, Marleen Pauli, and Pia Regenbrecht from our ResponsibilityCircle gained interesting insights at the GWA event “Quo vadis SME & Sustainability?” in Tübingen.


Here’s a brief overview of the exciting insights from the evening:


👉 Ina von Holly shared data from the GWA Green Monitor: 63% of companies engage in active sustainability communication.

👉 Boris Palmer, Mayor of Tübingen, demonstrated how sustainability and economic success can go hand in hand.

👉 Heinrich Sülzle, Sülzle Stahlpartner GmbH, explained the path to sustainability and the future viability of his company.

👉 Christian Ziegler discussed how the fischer group has laid the foundation for sustainable practices since the 1980s.

👉 Manfred Meindl from VAUDE provided interesting insights into authentic sustainability communication.


Why it’s important for us to participate in these events? We believe in the value of exchange and consider it essential to collaborate with other companies to promote meaningful and sustainable communication. Especially in this era of sustainability transformation, agencies and companies must learn from each other and work together to collectively shape a sustainable future. 🌍💪


Thanks to the GWA for this evening and the platform!

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