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When the Simpsons run for Balenciaga

The redistribution of roles in the fashion industry

Luxury brand Balenciaga is always good for a surprise.
At this year’s Fashion Week in Paris, a handful of select guests got to enjoy the fashion brand’s new spring-summer collection. What no one expected: instead of the designer’s usual closing appearance after the photo conference, the audience witnessed a never-before-seen episode of the cult series The Simpsons.

In typical Simpsons humor, the short film alludes to the redistribution of roles in the fashion industry, putting the Springfield residents on a plane en route to Paris Fashion Week as runway models to present the brand’s new collection.

Balenciaga has once again managed to surprise guests and become THE topic of conversation at Fashion Week. And primarily not with fashion, but a socially relevant topic!

Side fact: McDonald’s also advertises in a new campaign with real employees of the company! Authentic, emotional, and honest.

We’re excited to see what’s in store for us next year. Because one thing is for sure: It always needs something new to stay in the conversation! 😉

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