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Versace Fall/Winter 2021

Monogram Mania at Versace.

What was the show about?


Versace introduces a new monogram. It’s called La Greca and is an interpretation of the brand’s traditional key Greek pattern. In the Fall/ Winter Fashion Show, La Greca was blown up into a massive wooden structure. Here the models actually walked through monograms, wore monogram clothes, monogram bags and monogram jewellery.


What grabbed our attention?


With this sea of monograms, you just can’t look away! We are totally captivated by the editing and the architectural structure of the setting.

If you can’t remember who came where or how the rooms are connected, you’ll experience what jump cuts do to you (a jump cut is a film cut that breaks the classic continuity rules and grabs your attention. The jump in the image can be irritating for the viewer).

The camera angles also have the effect of making details like hair cuts and product details stick.




Creative Director – Donatella Versace

Director – Gordon Von Steiner

Show concept and set – Villa Eugénie

Art Direction – Charles Levai & Kevin Tekinel

Music – Frederic Sanchez

Choreography – Jordan Robson

Styling – Jacob K

Hair – Guido Palau

Makeup – Pat McGrath

Fashion Services – KCD

Video Capture – 4Friends

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