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Sustainability should not be painstaking, overly time-consuming or costly

Interview with Simon Kooke from Spenoki

For us, sustainability is not a passing trend. For us, sustainability is an attitude and a social obligation. For this reason, we have brought a partner on board who knows what is important for us as a company and helps us to constantly improve.

Where did the idea behind Spenoki come from, what is your mission?

Spenoki’s idea was born when one of the founders, Markus, himself had to create a sustainability report for his previous employer. At that time, Markus not only lacked the know-how, but also the time to create this report next to his “daily business”.

Our mission with Spenoki is therefore to provide a practical solution and help companies automate sustainability management workflows while adding economic value.

Sustainability should not be painstaking, overly time-consuming or costly, but should encourage companies of all sizes to work together to address climate change and social injustice. We want to lay the foundation for an ambitious sustainability strategy so that climate, social and economic policy goals can be achieved more easily and efficiently.


If you had to describe your work in three words, what would they be?

Varied, influential, educational, and not to mention – very communicative.


What is your absolute environmental savior and your absolute environmental killer?

For me, humans themselves are the environmental saviors as well as environmental killers. Only if we all collectively and individually make more sustainable choices can we slow down the advancing climate change. If we continue as we are, we humans will remain the absolute environmental killers. Only if we manage to rethink as individuals, our rethinking will also follow in the roles of employees and entrepreneurs until eventually even the big “environmental sinners” will be forced to rethink. So let’s all join forces and drive the necessary changes with small, individual things.


What is the biggest challenge for the retail sector?

In my eyes, the biggest challenge for the retail sector is to inspire consumers to make more “sustainable” purchasing decisions and to communicate the big picture of sustainability so that customers don’t just think economically and buy the “cheapest” alternative.

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