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STELP X Designplus

As an agency, we are not only a partner of STELP, but also support the non-profit café NATAN in becoming even more visible.
Meike reveals why NATAN is particularly close to our hearts in an interview with STELP :)

STELP: Before we start, what was your first point of contact with STELP?
Meike Finkelnburg: I can’t say exactly, as STELP is simply an integral part of this city for me as a Stuttgart native. However, my awareness of the STELP partner program was awakened by my in-depth examination of the corporate responsibility of brands and organizations. I was surprised to learn that such a program existed and that we could support and thus help build the organizational system through our participation. Over time, I gradually got to know these very special and authentic people.


STELP: What was your most formative STELP moment?
Meike Finkelnburg: A particularly formative experience was attending my first STELP Gala in 2022. This event really made me reflect on my privileged role. At the same time, I experienced the power of community, which was demonstrated by people coming together, connecting to help and having a good time together.


STELP: What characterizes the STELP team for you?
Meike Finkelnburg: For me, the STELP team is characterized by its deep passion, love and strong identification with the cause. I see people there who are constantly working on themselves, supporting each other and leaving their comfort zones to develop STELP further.


STELP: Where does your motivation to support STELP come from?
Meike Finkelnburg: The motivation to support STELP stems, among other things, from the imbalance in our salary systems, which means that many areas, including NGOs, are often underfunded. I want to help increase appreciation for this important work. I firmly believe that a fairer distribution of financial resources would help to strengthen important areas of society and improve the well-being of all. But that’s a new issue ;).

With regard to our agency Designplus, we see it as our responsibility to actively influence the interplay between environment, economy and society and to create spaces that promote exchange and community. Supporting STELP’s NATAN Café | Bar is therefore also of great importance to us, as it is precisely at this location that the STELP community becomes accessible and can be experienced by everyone.


STELP: What does STELP stand for to you?
Meike Finkelnburg: For me, STELP stands for commitment, courage and an unshakeable will. It embodies the people I have seen grow over the years and I feel a deep connection with each other and with each other.


You can find out more on the STELP website 🙂


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