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Retail Impluses

How companies can take their retail marketing to the next level by using community based marketing methods.

Online shaping Offline. Burberry’s new store is divides into 10 separate spaces and combines Burberry’s recent tech experiments, like gaming, social media product drops and app-driven customer service. The next big retailers may look more like social apps than traditional companies.

Brands like Gucci, Galerie Lafayette and Credo are taking the video service very serious. Transforming it as a direct extension of the personal connection and online shopping into something digital-native have long wished for. This is nothing like broadcasting to multiple anonymous viewers at once. It is about giving personal and highly qualified advice. It is the convergence of physical an digital experience, data-driven personalization and the rise of service economy.

Nike’s new House go Innovation in Paris offers an immersive and digital-powered consumer journey. It consists of a modular store layout that consistently updated and offers exclusive member opportunities. Through data collection, the store will provide an incredibly personalized service to membership owners and will be less anonymous that the store might seem.

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