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Individual store concepts with sustainability effect

Part 1: Interaction instead of material

Some people probably can’t hear it anymore. But an experience-oriented shopping experience is the key to attracting attention and increasing the time spent in the store. The word community is clearly in the foreground and creates a strong bond with the brand through distinctive services, innovations and shared experiences.


Example: Globetrotter flagship store in Berlin.


As early as 2019, the outdoor brand focused on experience instead of just hype. The store concept opens up an experience area with a WOW effect for customers. On 4,000 square meters, visitors can enjoy an in-house workshop, a clubhouse and the Globetrotter Innovation Lab. Globetrotter is thus setting a clear signal for stationary retail. Here, the topics of sustainability and shopping experience are raised to a completely new level. This novel Innovation Lab offers visitors a working and exhibition space for living innovation, cooperation and new ways of thinking. Innovative brands, products and Kickstarter projects will also be presented and exhibited. In the co-op and workspace, different industries and work areas can come together to develop creative and innovative ideas.
And of course, the connection to nature is also in the foreground: from decorative islands with real birch trunks, to a climbing wall, a play corner, to the clubhouse, which has already established itself at Globetrotter as a meeting place for the outdoor community in the city stores, and not to forget the gastro area.

Community, emotion and experience as a business model – more of it, please!







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