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Individual store concepts with sustainability effect

Part 2: Eco Storytelling

Welcome to part 2 of our series “Individual store concepts with sustainability effect”.


As a patron, how are you supposed to know how sustainable the new T-shirt, the new pants or the new summer dress really is? Indeed: it can be difficult!

That’s why education and awareness-raising by brands is all the more important. Inspiring, motivating and convincing with facts are the be-all and end-all!



True to the motto “Sell a message, not just products,” the British department store chain uses eco storytelling to drives its customers to stores more consciously and to make sustainable purchasing decisions.

Every year, campaigns draw attention to the growing impact of clothing production on the environment. Window displays draw attention to issues such as water waste and call for a more sustainable future for material sourcing and manufacturing. The Material World campaign informed customers about more sustainable style choices and encouraged them to improve their buying behavior and inspired change.

In line with the company’s Project Earth initiative, which calls for the most environmentally responsible materials used throughout the company to come from certified sustainable sources by 2025, the windows also came alive with environmentally conscious materials and processes.


Less product, more education!

Love it 🙂

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