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Hermès Triptych

The magic of being in three places at once.

What was the show about?

The constraints of Covid and the shift to digital made for a world premiere at Hermes. Autumn Fashion 2021 was staged in three locations across the entire continent – which gave the project the title Triptych. It started in the morning in New York, continued at noon in Paris and the grande finale finally took place in Shanghai in the evening. While the physical fashion show lasted almost 14 hours, those interested could watch the spectacle on screen in less than 30 minutes. The idea behind the ambitious project was ubiquity. The recipient is in one place and at the same time in three different places.


What grabbed our attention?

In each change, the simple and concise stylistic elements of the brand were very apparent. Each location shows core elements through simple means such as colour, shape and material, that create a recognition value for Hermés. In this respect, each stage could be a shop window.

Hermès places performance and artistic presentation above the concrete product staging.


We love the proximity to theatre, dance and film!


Watch the full show here:


creative director Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski

New York dance performance – choreographed by Madeline Hollander

Shanghai dance performance – choreographed by Gu Jiani


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