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Here is why you shouldn’t be scared of artificial intelligence

Hannes, our Art Director Experience Design, gave us an insight into AI at our Designplus Academy, where we update and educate each other. Today, we are sharing our learnings at Designplus with you.

Let’s face it: AI is not going to disappear. Instead, it is gaining enormous relevance in every aspect of our lives. And yes – nobody knows the consequences and the undeniable dangers we might be confronted with eventually. That’s exactly why we need to learn how to properly and responsibly use and control these powerful technologies like ChatGPT and Midjourney. Instead of fearing they steal our jobs, how about we incorporate AI into our work and use these superpowers to our advantage?


The AI chatbot ChatGPT was trained with all the data we collectively left online. It uses texts, pictures, books and other web sources to form answers. If you brief the tool correctly, it can write articles, screenplays, ads, social media captions and everything else based on text. Midjourney, on the other hand, was developed with pictures from the internet to now be able to turn words into images. Some people argue this drains our creativity as humans. Instead, we view it as a support tool to spark inspiration and speed up the process of finding a starting point. Because AI tools are based on our society’s data, they also mirror our systemic biases and they do not always have their facts straight. This makes it even more important to view AI chatbots as virtual assistants that cannot replace our emotional and mental capabilities as humans.

At Designplus, we mostly use ChatGPT to help us with research, ideas, finding new perspectives and different approaches to concepts and strategies we wouldn’t have considered.


How do you incorporate AI tools into your daily business? What are your thoughts on this?

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