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Future Retail: Unlocking the Power of Offline Experiences

Unlocking Brand Success: The Power of In-Store Experience
In David Meyer's, General Manager Wholesale at Tom Tailor, and Gross Peter's masterclass on Future Retail, they explored the compelling topic of Future Retail. Here are some key takeaways from the conversation:

The Showcase that Sells: Your store’s window display and the presentation of your products are crucial to showcasing your brand’s identity and capturing attention.

Relevance of Physical Stores: Despite the digital boom, the significance of brick-and-mortar retail has never been higher. It’s time to reinvest and create immersive offline experiences.

Beyond Gadgets: Future retail is not solely about expensive technology. Surprise, storytelling, emotion, sustainability, and accessibility are the pillars that define exceptional retail experiences.

Shifting Mindsets: Break free from traditional thinking and embrace new perspectives. It’s time to invest in employee training and empower your team to deliver unforgettable brand experiences.


Ignite Creativity, Elevate Your Displays!

Introducing our revolutionary retail system, “Oscar.” Designed with timeless aesthetics and ultimate flexibility, Oscar offers a long-term solution for captivating window displays. Here’s why Oscar stands out:

oscar, the retail system
🎨 Timeless Design: Oscar’s modular system and expandable add-ons allow you to curate personalised campaigns, keeping your displays fresh and captivating for years.

💪 Built to Last: Crafted from our durable aluminium profile, Oscar ensures longevity while offering a sleek and robust platform. Its anodised surface exudes elegance and resilience.

🔌 Easy Integration: Seamlessly incorporate add-ons such as lighting, clamps, cables, or acrylic panels into Oscar’s integrated rail system, making it effortlessly versatile.

🌈 Limitless Possibilities: Whether you’re a small boutique or a large retail chain, Oscar’s systems and add-ons are fully combinable, unlocking endless possibilities for creating immersive retail experiences.


Curious to learn more? Check out our product data sheet. Have questions or are interested in Oscar? Reach out to us at oscar@designplus.org.


Embracing Connections, Inspiring Innovation

Attending the Unitex FashionFestival was an exhilarating experience! Here’s a glimpse of our time at the event:


Building Bridges: The Unitex fair provided us with valuable networking opportunities and engaging conversations that contribute to the growth of the retail industry.

Relevance of Trade Shows: Despite the digital age, trade shows continue to be a crucial platform for forging connections, exchanging knowledge, and staying ahead of the game.

Our Fantastic Team: A huge shoutout to our incredible team for their dedication and hard work. Together, we made a lasting impact at the event!


Thank you, Unitex, for your exceptional organisation. We are looking forward to the next FashionFestival!

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