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Fashion Show 2.0

Among the top performers of the runway productions for the upcoming Fall/Winter collection, Louis Vuitton stood out with a remarkable show.


In ‘Louis Dreamhouse’ all the stops were pulled out to break from of the classic catwalk format. Storytelling, dramatization, art, choreography, and performance – all in the unmistakable signature of Virgil Abloh – create a memorable fashion setting that exemplifies how extraordinary and intense fashion can be experienced in physical space.

The Louis Vuitton team created an unprecedentedly tasteful style mix between high fashion, luxury and pop culture, as well as street fashion and subculture elements to create a show that was much like a theater play in which the models became actors.


As retailers, we should draw inspiration from this production. To give the physical space of our city centers a more contemporary task, we can make better use of its advantages and align sales areas in a more experience-oriented way.

With a fresh creative spirit, we can develop concepts that produce a much deeper product and brand experience through dramatization, artistic-cultural collaborations, and interpersonal interaction. As is visible in Virgil Abloh’s latest show, unique brand staging in physical space can create an unparalleled added value when executed properly.

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