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Emotion, Emotion, Emotion

Christmas is just around the corner. The Christmas showcases of our customers already put us in the right Christmas mood!

As different as the typical Christmas songs are, so is the approach to addressing customers in the shop window.

For some it’s loud, for others it’s very quiet. And what is more in focus at Christmas than emotions?


The visual appeal to customers is extremely important, especially during Christmas time. Everything is allowed as long as it is credible and responsible!

Experience, inspiration, excitement and emotion are also among the most important buzzwords when it comes to window displays.

The physical store and the shop window are part of the customer journey and a part of brand communication. To excite people, to inspire them and make them feel good, to give orientation, to show that you are present is more than right. Preparing them for Christmas and welcoming them as guests is a central task.


And now sit back, take a deep breath and let the shop windows put you in the right Christmas mood!

Happy Holidays everyone 😉


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