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A superlative that keeps its promise: The Super Market!

"It's sure to be super!", the sentence that virtually sealed our newly conceived community event and (at the time still unknowingly) contributed to the title of the entire event: the "Super Market"!

The side-hustles and hobbies of our employees are as diverse and individual as the people themselves – so why not give them a platform to present themselves outside of their work at Designplus? Ideas bubbled right out of the creative minds: poster sales, sneaker exhibition, homemade furniture, homemade candles, charity bags, live graffiti, jewelry, a reimagined camping fire, all the way to a VR experience, just to name a few exhibitors. With this range, the spiritual well-being of the visitors was well taken care of, while the physical was attended to by Pit’s Pinsa, fortify everyone for the long evening ahead. The whole thing was rounded off with drinks, music and of course you, the guests. With about 150 guests, the mood remained at a high level despite the rainy weather, but it’s no surprise, because it’s always a lot of fun when you get to know your community better and do good at the same time – because all proceeds from the catering go directly to the aid organization STELP, exactly where the help is needed most urgently!

Of course, our community also includes our dear neighbors, which is why we blew the whistle at 10 p.m., so the last of the night owls went on to tell the rest of the city how great our market was.

We thank you all – it was a blast – see you soon!

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