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Wekebana Workshop

Wekebana Workshop #01

This is not what you think it is. All you need is a curios mindset.
Talking Mindfulness, Management, Workshop, Flowers, Ikebana, Retail Inspiration.

We want to break rules to learn new things.
Experiment. Together.

We discuss rules, traditions and structures and question them and potentially reinvent them. During the workshop, we develop strategies that at first seem unfamiliar, but develop intrinsically.
Through the high art of Ikebana, we approach these topics, as beginners, learners, dilettantes and fans. It is time to break away from clichés and old self images, to despise ambition and to playfully learn to be humble.


The event is limited to 10 participants.
Registration is required.


A collaborative project with

Sara Dahme

Art and cultural mediation


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