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2 meters

We 🖤 this collaborative project!


Many artists, graphic artists, musicians and other creative people are currently unable to exhibit their work due to Covid19. There are already many interesting approaches to promote the exchange of people online. These are very remarkable. Salon 35 and friends reacted to this unusual situation with a varied and constantly changing exhibition concept on 2.88 square meters. »SHORT NOTES« is a 1.2 x 2.4 m large public advertising space in Stuttgart, Germany. Every week, »SHORT NOTES« offers creative people the opportunity to compile, curate and plan their work for a self-initiated exhibition or to convey a message to passers-by during this time. The project is curated and hung up by Salon 35 in collaboration with creative friends. Pictures of the exhibition will be shown on Instagram immediately after the digital vernissage.“


Credits @salon_35_ @daan_rietbergen @pas_alt @bareis.nicolaus
Title: 2,0m

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